In the final week of the group exhibition “Glitch; Pixel Language »Platform 101, Mohammad Ali Famori Video Art was screened under the title” Merkaba “. Merkaba is one of the mysteries in the Semitic religions, which is manifested in the form of the geometry of God’s creation.

This title was chosen because it depicts the six stages of the creation of heaven and earth before the creation of man on the seventh day.
According to Famori, outside of Rabbani’s writings, apocalyptic writings also refer to Merkaba’s mysticism. Writings found in the Dead Sea and newly discovered Jewish mystical writings address this issue.

Merkaba’s writings provide a detailed description of the seven layers of paradise guarded by angels. The highest layer of heaven has seven stages, and in the highest stage is the Throne of God, which is surrounded by angels. The followers of Merkaba mysticism believed that they could ascend and ascend from these layers of paradise. It is not clear whether these ascension experiences have Jewish origins or non-Jewish sources. This work depicts the six days of the spiritual path in the discovery of creation before the seventh day.

The six curtains depicted in this work move the image by dropping it into an image of a fractal in nature. Because this image is a reflection of the geometry of creation on earth, even when it collapses, its movements seem familiar to the audience and the cornea.

Identity with the image of creation has a manifestation and root within us that stems from the stored genetic codes of our cornea. In his mission as a student in the path of art and the essence of art, Famori sees the creation of a work of art as an opportunity for the audience to discover and express the fractal and geometry of God, which can illuminate only a new light in reading the dark world.

Glitch video art show by Mohammad Ali Famori in the form of a group exhibition “Glitch; “Pixel Language” under the supervision of him and Sadegh Majlesi continued until Friday, March 12, 2021, in the space of -1 Bavan Gallery.


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