Platform 101 in collaboration with Art Research and Famori Studio will hold the second week of the group exhibition Glitch: Pixel Language.

From Friday, January 1, 2021, Dyufang video art, as well as the video art of Erfan Ashourion and Mohammad SahebJamei, will be exhibited in -1 Bavan Gallery in Tehran for a week.

Dyufang is a Singapore-based filmmaker, artist, and composer. He works primarily as an animator and filmmaker.

Erfan Ashourioun is a digital media artist born in Isfahan, Iran. Ashourioun is an artist who composes and performs music using digital tools.

Group Exhibition Glitch: Pixel Language, curated by Mohammad Ali Famori and Sadegh Majlesi, is scheduled to show the video art of 27 international artists for 11 weeks.


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