In the eleventh and final week of the group exhibition “Glitch; Pixel Language” of the platform101, Sadegh Majlesi’s video art entitled “Humans like raindrops” was shown. Humans like raindrops scattered everywhere, sometimes flooding and destroying, sometimes raining and flourishing.

The visual element of this work for Majlesi is a representation of the fall or fall of rain and visual clutter from the perspective of raindrops and in the background an allusion to Deja Vu or the world of particles. Its audible element is the sound of rain and the noise of the outside and the community and the human crowd, and finally the ecstasy and the spiritual ascent.

Sadegh Majlesi, born in 1989, is a graphic designer and new media artist currently based in Rasht. Majlesi believes that New Media Art is a new medium for expressing the views of the new generation, because in this medium, classical and modern formats reach the audience with a new expression. In this medium, which is often mixed with the digital art space, computer techniques are used to create the work.

Mystical and Sufi texts have inspired the Majlesi to make this work, that man one day descends from a high position and after a while ascends to a higher position, and man, like raindrops of water, and during the ascent like light water vapor goes up.

The sublime goals of the artist in this work are to create a work and the growth of the owner of the work and to reach an eloquent and beautiful language to express thoughts and ideas. Majlesi believes that this work, like his other works, is a bridge between him and the viewers of his mentality and ideas.

Glitch video art show by Sadegh Majlesi in the form of a group exhibition “Glitch; Pixel Language “continued under his own supervision and that of Mohammad Ali Famori in the space -1 Bavan Gallery until Friday, March 12, 2021.


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