In the sixth week of the group exhibition “Glitch; Pixel Language » Platform 101 Arash Masoom glitch video titled” Metatron “was displayed.

Metatron is an analysis of the balance between the various dimensions of creation based on human centrality, but according to Arash Masoom alchemy and the theory of non-influence diplomacy, it has led to unreasonable performance and a glitch in this direction. In Metatron, the node 3 particle creation machine is used to create the formation of the order of creation.

The archetypes, natural patterns, and fractals of Julia’s collection inspire the artist in shaping these floating points, and she strives to show the order as well as disorder.

Innocent considers Metatron to be latent sophistry in all scales, and this concept is conceivable in all and none. He believes that something bigger turns everyone around; Something that rotates but does not rotate; It moves but it does not move.

Metatron Glitch Video Art in the form of a group exhibition “Glitch; Pixel Language “curated by Mohammad Ali Famori and Sadegh Majlesi continued to be shown until Thursday, February 4, 2021, in the -1 space of Bavan Gallery in Tehran.


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