amozad iran artist

Mohammad Reza Amouzad, born in 1975, has got his B.A. in painting and his M.A. in graphic design, also graduated from Calligraphy Association.

Learning calligraphy, educating in painting and graphic design, experience of sculpting and research activities, has made his artwork different from artists of his generation, but his passion for calligraphy has made the main characteristic of his artwork. Persian cultural arts specially engraved inscriptions of the Patriarch, the inscriptions of the Timurid and Safavid, have been appropriate visual patterns for a fresh visual space, from the simplicity of Kufi to the complexity of calligraphy and decoration blend.

Fusion of contemporary calligraphy-painting, engraved inscriptions, modern materials and methods of sculpture has sufficed for a new form; the above along with executive accuracy of the artist, has led to different creations in calligraphy and calligram.

The result of this effort has been several exhibitions both in and outside the country, his artworks has found their way to museums and private collections, and made him a lecturer in art universities.

Find Gallery Location : Aliha Gallery


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