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Iranian Art Festival a transnational event in the field of Visual Arts

Countless artistic events are held around the world by private and public institutions, but they are getting pale and forgotten in Iran over the past three decades and this is mostly due to the distance of the community from cultural and artistic groups, which has undergone a different trend over the past few years.

The Art Festival of Iran is one of the few examples that have started its work after several years, and the young and experienced team has created many hopes and wishes in this process. In sum, this event is a competition with professional judgment including some teams of the valid galleries and people choice that is held on visual arts.

The process of the holdings is as follow: first, the artists send their works in the field of Painting, photography and the works created by digital methods on the festival web site online, one month is considered for sending the works, then these works is judged by people and the better works are selected based on the number of the votes, after that the site is closed for sending the works, the works that obtain the highest score by the judges will be presented as the winners.

The difference judgment of the festival is the strength of the event because it is done in two domains, means people selection and judge committee. In the first place, participants try to show their works among ordinary people and acquaintances in order to obtain more votes. This will be positive step for presenting visuals arts. Second, the judges are gallery owners and the experts who are active in the world of art. They have enough information about art business whether in Iran or outside of Iran.

It is custom that the judges are selected among different art pioneers and professors but the fact is something else. Selection of the judges among the known gallery owners of the country or organizers of the artistic events will provide better position for the artists. In the last festival most of the novice artists obtain opportunity to show their works among active art groups and collectors in the Museum of Contemporary Art of Iran and this is the main purpose of the festival. Also, the works are seen by over 200,000 voters, this is a good sign of the correct process of the people selection and attraction of the interest and permeability of the event in the community that even if they do not follow the artistic works but now they become acquainted with the visual arts of the today’s generation.

Given the fact that this collection is organized by independent and nonprofit groups, the need for financial support and the news of this festival is felt more than anything else.

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General goals of the Iran Art Festival

  • Presenting young generation and creating the way for presence in the active parts of the art
  • Creating the bed for artists to be seen at the cities with lower availability
  • Introduction the works by the Iranian educated artists to the artistic community out of Iran
  • Direct show of the artists works in valid galleries thereby the festival influence at the judgment discussion and the works are to be seen by the experts in the known galleries
  • Introducing the visual arts to more people in the community that are not active in artistic domain
  • Discovering the new talents in conceptual and visual arts

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