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Iran Art Festival First Call For Summer

The first event of Iran Art Festival with the aim of introducing artistic elite to art communities inside and abroad officially began its work during a ceremony to announce the call for summer courses. In the first call the Festival is gathering artworks in painting and photography, and intends to hold calls every semester in summer and winter time to choose and introduce the best of visual art which is also exhibited both in Iran and abroad.

The festival announced its goals in summery as follows:

  • Discover the talents and artistic elite to hold calls in various fields
  • Introduce and display the works of art, especially new generation
  • facilitate communication among members of the artistic community at home and abroad
  • Create dynamic space to interact with artists and art lovers
  • Sale of works of art around the world
  • Create a space to display and present Iranian rich works of art, internationally


What distinguishes Iran Art Festival from others is its specific look into the juridical process. In the first event of this festival judgment is in two levels. In people’s vote everyone can cast his vote simultaneous with uploading images, each person can vote only one time for each artwork and at the end the automatic counting will announce the winners of people’s vote. The jury panel in the first period of Iran Art Festival consists of gallery directors of reputable galleries in Iran and Paris. They will judge works according to their experience in terms of artistic value, innovation and economics of art with futuristic look into talented work of art.



Aliha Gallery

Aliha Gallery based in Tehran

Galerie Sonia Monti

Galerie  based in Paris

Seyhoun Gallery

Seyhoun Gallery based in Tehran and Newyork

Gallery 26

Gallery 26 based in Tehran

Lajevardi Gallery

Lajevardi Gallery based in Tehran


  • Opening Date: Friday, July 22, 2016
  • Closing Date: Sunday, August 21, 2016
  • Judging: August 27 – September 1, 2016
  • Awards: Monday, September 5, 2016
  • Exhibition: September 9 – September 21, 2016

Participants should notice the time table since the deadline will NOT be extended.

Registration Process

  • Careful study of the call
  • Selecting the artworks
  • Registering in Iran Art Festival website
  • Depositing registering fee
  • Uploading the images


  • Iran Art Festival’s website is designed to automatically prevent duplicate registration.
  • Uploading images of art works is possible after payment is done which is not
  • Entry is open to all Iranian artists, amateur and professional in painting and photography, worldwide.
  • Entry fee for participants is 50,000 T (15 $) per field which is 3 artworks per field. If a participant wants to send works both in painting and photography the entry fee is obviously 100,000 T for 6 art works.


Awards are to be distributed during an official ceremony attended by leading artists, gallery owners, art collectors and custodians of Iran art in the amphitheater of Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts.

  • 3 Statuettes of Iran Art Festival for the first to third winners of jury panel in painting
  • 3 Statuettes of Iran Art Festival for the first to third winners of jury panel in photography
  • 4 Plaques of Iran Art Festival for the fourth to seventh winners of jury panel in painting
  • 4 Plaques of Iran Art Festival for the fourth to seventh winners of jury panel in photography
  • 7 Plaques of Iran Art Festival for the first to seventh winners of people’s vote in painting
  • 7 Plaques of Iran Art Festival for the first to seventh winners of people’s vote in Photography


The first fourteenth winners of juries and the first fourteenth of the people vote will be exhibited in Aliha Galley in Tehran and an art gallery in Paris for sale.

Besides, the first 30 works in each field will be permanently in Iran Art Festival website. Also these works will be sent for reputable galleries and their artists will be introduced to many art communities. Also Honargardi, Arthibition and Art People Gallery will promote top 28 artists.

Notifications And Results

Notification of results will be sent by email. Entrants should ensure that they provide an active email address and that spam filters are set to accept emails from Notifications will not be sent by post. Also you may login to the site using your username and send your result to your personal email.

Contact Us

The secretariat address:

Aliha Gallery At #31, 1st Floor, Ahmadi Moghadam Alley, Ramezanian Alley, Mahroozadeh Alley, Shariaty Ave., Tehran Iran

Postal Code: 19346-53748

Tel.: +98-21-26853208

Working Hours: Sunday to Thursday 4 to 8 pm


Web site : www.

Iran Art Festivals


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