Sam Chivers’ Illustrations for Wired World 2016

Sam Chivers was born in 1974 and Graduated with a BA in Illustration at Porstmouth University. He often creates surreal sci-fi infused imagery.
With his roots firmly entrenched in European comics and fantasy art of the 1970s and 80s his work is also informed by the natural and agricultural landscape native to his surroundings in the East Sussex countryside. His work often explores the relationship between science and the natural world.

Wired World 2016

This is a series of illustrations Sam Chivers produced for the December 2015 issue of Wired Magazine UK.
Each image accompanies a piece of writing by various industry experts discussing what they think will be the prevalent emerging trends in the online world in 2016.

The first of these final two illustrations is about how little beacons in real world shops can send tailored offers and promotions directly to shoppers smartphones. The second illustration is about the rise of shopping networks.


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