Fractal Nature; About Diyu Fang’s Glitch Video Art

Three videos from Singaporean artist Diyu Fang in the second week of the group exhibition “Glitch; Pixel Language » Platform 101 is displayed in 1- Bavan Gallery. These videos are called Cube Hell, Gills, and Universal Engine.

These videos are based on fractals produced by the artist, in the form of a short film. Diyu Fang was inspired by the fractal nature of the world, the complex architecture, and the infinite concept to make these video arts. His goal is to bring the infinite complexity and nature of fractals to life in the form of challenging films.

Di Yoo Aka Diyu Fang is a Singapore-based filmmaker, artist, and composer working primarily as an animator and filmmaker. Diyu Fang has been interested in visual arts and music since childhood and has always been interested in creative expression.

Diyu Fang
Diyu Fang . The group exhibition Glitch; Pixel Language . Curator: Mohammad Ali Famori & Sadeq Majlesi . -1 Bavan Gallery .

His job is to create artistic formats that bridge the gap between different genres by combining different styles and techniques and using unconventional methods to create something innovative and completely new.

He visualizes all the stages of his activity before starting work; Even if his vision changes without progress or with progress.

While working on a myriad of themes, Diyu Fang maintains a distinct line of refinement, emotional impact, and intricate detail. He has learned himself; His art and work originate from his pure passion and ambition. Diyu Fang began his artistic career as a composer and producer and then turned to filmmaking, animation, and screenwriting.

He is very interested in creating stories and plans to one day produce and direct his own TV series and movies.

The exhibition of Diyu Fang’s Artworks in the form of a group exhibition of Platform 101, curated by Mohammad Ali Famori and Sadegh Majlesi, will be held until Thursday, January 9, 2017, at -1 Bavan Gallery in Tehran.


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